My name is Monika Weronika Budzen

I've always introduced myself as an desinger and a web designer, exploring innovative storytelling and bringing delight to presentations.. I’m more than a limited character count and a filtered photo to be found in the void of social media.

I’m a designer, an illustrator, a presentation wizard, a storyteller, a photographer , and a lifetime student. I’m an optimist.
I’m an environmentalist. I’m a Poland native with a passion for seeing all parts of the world. I live and work in Milton Keynes (England).
You can find me frequenting the pasta aisle. You can find me, finding balance on the yoga mat. I worry I won’t be able to read all the books I want in this lifetime. But if I had to choose a different lifetime I’d pick the 60s/70s.

Andy Warhol and pop art sparked my passion for the world of design. The many hats worn from graphic design to presentation designer continue to feed my fire. I dream that the stories I get the privilege to bring to life never burn out.